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Cedar Grove Studio

About Younique Yoga

Younique Yoga offers hot vinyasa yoga at 3 locations throughout New Jersey. Younique Yoga's instructors focus on strength, flexibility, and balance to offer a physically invigorating vinyasa yoga practice. Classes are 75 minutes long (unless otherwise stated on the calendar) and are for all levels- from beginner to advanced!

What is vinyasa yoga?

Our yoga instructors mainly use Vinyasa techniques. Vinyasa yoga synchronizes your physical movement to your breath, creating a rhythmically flowing sequence of poses. Our instructors teach all levels of yogis to help each student concentrate as they transition from one pose to the next with balance and control. Our classes combine strength, flexibility, and balance to create a challenging, yet relaxing class.

New to yoga?

New yogi? No worries...Our classes are for all levels of yogis! Our instructors will offer modifications throughout class and ensure you safely enter each pose. Before class, there is no need to register.  All we ask is that you arrive 15-20 minutes early to meet the instructor and fill out a quick waiver form. (Please note, if you are under 18 years old a parent must come in and sign the waiver form for you. No exceptions!)

How hot are we talking?

In our studios, the temperatures can hover between 98 and 105 degrees during each class. The heat helps your body safely sink into each stretch and shepherd toxins out the nearest sweat gland. Please wear comfortable clothes that allow a full range of motion.  We suggest that your notify your physician that you will be practicing hot yoga. You are not required to do every pose, and should go at your own pace. 

What you'll need

Please bring a mat, towel and water. If you don’t have these items or happen to forget them on your way out, we sell water and towels and have mats available to rent. We also have blocks and straps available for you. (If you don't know what these are for, don't worry...We'll show you!)

Yoga Etiquette
  • Upon arrival, please sign in at the Front Desk.

  • Arrive for class on time. (If you are new to the studio, please arrive 15-20 minutes before class start time.) The doors will be locked 5 minutes after class start time. 

  • Take off your socks and shoes in the lobby and leave them in the areas provided. Shoes are not permitted in the yoga studio. 

  • Please turn off all cell phones before entering the class.

  • During class, be mindful of your neighbor's space.

  • Place all of your belongings in the lobby cubbies in order to optimize space in the studio. The doors are locked to protect your belongings during classtime. 

  • If you have to leave class early, please inform the instructor, choose a spot near the door, and leave before savasana begins.

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